Sonu Sood has joined the cast of South superstar Chiranjeevi next actor confirmed the news

CONFIRMED: सुपरस्टार Chiranjeevi के साथ अगली फिल्म में नजर आएंगे Sonu Sood

Publish Date: | Sat, 29 Feb 2020 11:32 AM (IST)

Sonu Sood to the top Rolls is recognized for. He films his brilliant acting and action-packed scenes for a lot appreciation shown is. Sonu Sood his acting skills from the heart managed to win and are just big-budget period drama Prithviraj in the limelight for you. Now Sonu Sood South superstar Chiranjeevi’s big upcoming project are joined in. Actor has officially confirmed this news.

Sonu Sood is now South superstar Chiranjeevi’s next film, the artists are joined in. Film Korea Shiva are made and the 152 as temporarily given the title because it was Chiranjeevi 152 of the film. The South many of the blockbusters have become part of Sonu now the next this project in major role play will show up. Packed schedule and round-the-clock working hours, after the Sonu the other two South films with are too busy.

Of the same, confirming, Sonu said in an official statement said, ‘The Project Connect and Chiranjeevi sir with screen space to stock up on much pride is felt. South Indian film industry always has me hugged and I hope that with this movie I work through them the Same Love Back give course.’

Bollywood movie of Akshay Kumar in Prithviraj near them in which the minute pillar too. He Babu Yogeswaran directed by a Tamil action drama Miles also will appear.

Please tell that he has years in 2019 at the box office Bang had made. Their movie car Dr Narasimha Reddy had many records broken were. It Ram Charan’s produce had. In the film, Tamannaah Bhatia, Nayantara, Sudeep, STI Babu and victory State supporting rolls is. Amitabh Bachchan and Anushka Shetty guest appearance was made.

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