Sony applied for patent for new PlayStation controller | Sony’s new PlayStation controller patent applied for


Digital desk, Tokyo. Technology company Sony Sony (Sony) the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in a new PlayStation controller patent is applied for. Latest design two new buttons have been added.

News portal pocket-listdotcom according to the report, it absolutely existing DualShock 4 feels like, but there is on the rear side of the two extra buttons are and the PS button front is given.

On the other hand, based absolutely in original format, but there are two new configurable button are given, one of which is a button the work the Perform to the program is the second button on her off time.

It is the largest design and has a USB Micro-B charger has been given, which shows that the new controller with the PlayStation 4 could do the job.

Its also likely that the patent granted in the final design or comprehensive may not be. Yet its also not confirmed whether it actually has come. Since the patent application of part of its design unveiled is also soon launch is expected to be.

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