Steven Spielberg Don’t Want Netflix to Participate on Oscars Next Year


Steven Spielberg has always been a critic for the release model that Netflix adept. Now he is taking this to the Oscars too. This 72-year-old director is planning to remove Netflix from the Oscars completely. He is planning to push a rule banning Netflix from participating in the Oscars in the upcoming post-Oscar annual meeting.

Netflix feature film Roma has won three Oscars this year. This made some of the Hollywood directors think about the movies and the platforms. Steven Spielberg has a strong opinion about this, and he wants to have a difference between a streaming platform and a theatrical situation. His production company IndieWire has made a statement last year stating that Spielberg will be happy if someone supports him when he brings up the matter in the next annual meet.

Academy has prepared a statement saying that the discussion about the rules is still ongoing and they are considering to discuss the topic in the month of April. Spielberg is an influential person in Hollywood and his opinion about the Academy awards matter. He has been saying it for a long time that the streaming platform like Netflix should never compete at Oscars and the right platform for it to compete is Emmys. Emmys have a separate section for the TV movies too, and this made Netflix suitable for it.

But there is no particular reason to prevent Netflix from participating in the Oscars as the quality and standards of the movies in Netflix are top notch. They have delivered some of the best movies like Roman in a three-week window, and this makes them qualified for the Oscars. It will be a tough battle between Spielberg and Netflix. People have different opinions about this issue, and it has become impossible for everyone to come on one stand.


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