Sunny Deol mother Prakash Kaur spotted after a Long time went out with Bobby Deol for Dinner

इतना बदल गई हैं Sunny Deol की मां, Bobby Deol के साथ निकली डिनर पर तो चौंक गए देखने वाले

Publish Date: | Wed, 01 Jan 2020 02:43 PM (IST)

Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol mother Prakash Kaur after a long time in the camera capture can. Them recently Bobby Deol with dinner on the Go has been seen. Them with Bobby Deol’s wife Tanya were. Their photos viral are getting. In these photos she is very changed look. Please tell that Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol mother of Dharmendra’s first wife. Dharmendra said in 1954, was married. Dharmendra has Hema Malini from in 1979 was married and the first wife without divorce given religion by changing it was married.

Please tell that Dharmendra with Prakash Kaur, two sons and two daughters – Sunny, Bobby, the winner and used again.

Dharmendra said, even though the other had married but his family always had to stand. A picture of last year’s photos viral was in which he made his first wife Prakash Kaur and both sons Sunny and Bobby with celebrating the New Year were. Sunny’s own Instagram handle on this picture had to stock up.

Please tell that the light mouthful by Dharmendra from at the age of 19 was married and 26 years with the spend were. Prakash Kaur said during his interview had said, ‘My husband the same why, no man in my stead Hema to would want. No my husband Tunis dare say how could you when half the industry that is the object doing? All the heroes of the affairs and the second time are getting married.’

Prakash Kaur has your husband on the steps of the rescue, not only did but also Hema Malini, even with the sympathy expressed was. He said, ‘I understand may convey that the Hema whom is going through. Him also of the world, his relatives and friends to face, but I Hema’s place, then he did I do not. Being a woman I his emo sense Can Am but I have a wife and being a mother it sanctioned can’t.’

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