Sunny Leone is ahead of Anushka Sharma Becomes the Most Engaging Actress Of Bollywood on Facebook

Sunny Leone ने हरा दिया अनुष्का को, फेसबुक पर बनी

Publish Date: | Sat, 23 Nov 2019 12:01 PM (IST)

Sunny Leone on Facebook, Bollywood’s ‘most engaged actress’ from the title of Nag are made. Sunny Leone on Facebook, 23 million followers are. Sunny after the number comes the talented actress Anushka Sharma of. He second are. Anushka’s 9.8 million followers are. Anushka Sharma in this case your husband because of the coming pie. Anushka and Virat Kohli’s photos and updates because of the actress’s account seekers in plenty discussion in is. Because of this, the second Bollywood Actress leaving behind Anushka Sharma, ‘the most engaging actress’ listing of the second pie. This title attached to all the figures of the US media tech company ‘scores’ trends in India’ by certified and modified are made.

The number one getting Sunny Leone by your social media updates and trendy looks because of the followers attention. That is why Sunny on Facebook, the most engaging actress became the pie. Recently Sunny has your Dubai Tour with photo and video posts were. Linen with your family posted photos also plenty of fresh are.

Your stylish photoshots of Sunny post on Facebook is. Your dance rivers of videos Sunny Leone regularly protest to her lives are. These were the reasons why Sunny ‘scores ‘ trends’ of 100 points to be found are. 73.22 points with Anushka Sharma in second place because their Bhutan trip photos of Plenty was liked.

Nick Jonas of married to Priyanka Chopra 60.72 points with the third. FASB on Priyanka Chopra 40 million followers are. Last days in Delhi witnessed the last few days from Facebook low on the updates made, this is because from them the third number to find the place on pie.

Katrina Kaif of Facebook on 14 million followers are. A magazine to get the Hot Photoshoot of them, other than by plenty liked, because of them 58.42 gain points and fourth on the numbers they ranked. Surprisingly Sonakshi Sinha in the fifth number on the can and because big tour is said to be. Sonakshi’s 23 million followers are.

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