Suzuki Hustler SUV launched in Japan, know the features | Suzuki Hustler SUV Japan resulted in the launch, the retro look will make crazy


Digital Desk, New Delhi. Maruti Suzuki recently your small SUV Maruti S-Presso launch is done. Right now the Wagon r on the lines of the company’s retro-styled new SUV have been launched. This SUV is the Suzuki Hustler SUV, however this launch has been. I know this car is attached to some special things…

Here talk 2020 Suzuki Hustler SUV price in Japan, then in the top variant price of 1,612,600 yen i.e. 10.5 million Indian rupees has been laid. Its sales from January 20 will begin.

Suzuki Hustler SUV at the company’s Heartect compact car platform is built on. The corresponding platform on the Wagon r, also develop has been. This SUV with LED circular headlamps, which are given it a retro look attach. In addition it has new taillights and bumpers are given.

Features of the IT dashboard to especially the youth in mind has been prepared. It has the larger touchscreen infotainment display has been. It has digital display with new instrument console, dash mounted gear lever, steering wheel and the wheelbase has been.

Engine and power
Suzuki Hustler SUV at the 660cc petrol engine will be given. These natural and turbocharged usually get. All its variants in the classically hybrid technology will be given. The Turbo variant 64 hp of power and 114 nm of torque gives. It has standard transmission CVT and get it get the gas Re-circulation feature Get. While its the non turbo variant 49 hp of power and 59 nm of torque gives.

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