Tamil Actress Namitha has romanced with Baahubalis Kattappa Known for her boldness this actress joined BJP

बाहुबली के

Publish Date: | Tue, 03 Dec 2019 12:28 PM (IST)

Well known Tamil Actress Namitha politics in the step taken place. Namita to on Saturday, Executive Chairman, JP Nadda said the membership was administered. In politics, before coming south in the movies, he was surrounded by big-ass heroines the Pipping is. Namita by Telugu film from the year 2002 in the debut did. Bold characters identified for the Namita by his father of the age of the actors with bold Zin are given. He led in the ‘thought’ of the roll from the famous Sathyaraj film with ‘English’ in any bold scene are made. Surrounded because of the film it is enough time to discuss the subject of was.

Now politics come into the decision of them to protest was shocking.

Bahubali fame thought their chemistry to the people, much like The did and them yet it is remembered for.

Namita not only Sathyaraj also it as seeing you surprised will be because now the Sathyaraj films in the character roll and do like this of the Seine in the eye do not come.

Please tell that the South film industry before coming to Namita by your hometown appearance in many local beauty contest live. He years 1998-Miss Surat also staying are done. The year 2001 in the famine Miss India also participated in and was the third read MADE was. In years 2002 Telugu romantic film sent with the debut did. During this decade he Tamil films in glamorous rolls made.

End of the decade he is Tamil Cinema’s prominent actress became was and his Tamil Nadu in plenty of fan following was. Their fan following the idea of this that can put Tamil Nadu in to a temple is also built-in. Years 2008 and 2009 in India, the highest in search of the actress became the. Year 2013 to them in Japan by the government ‘most perfectly beautiful woman of India’ has been awarded the.

The year 2010 in Tamil Nadu in Trichy a fan said their abduction was tried. Namita by November 2017 in Tirupati in your best friend Virender Chaudhary was married to.

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