The 108MP PHONE?? Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / Mi CC9 Pro review!

Read the full review: | Does a 108MP camera on a phone actually work?

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  1. Insightful, brilliant review. Also, higher battery is needed as phone batteries degrade with each charge. Basically a mini DSLR/ film camera for this xiaomi mi note 10 with additional features. It is upgradeable to Android 10. I agree making sensors bigger for better picture quality than to simply raise mega pixels. Balancing everything out is key.

  2. what i like about Android Authority's reviews, is that they will take you to a different perspective which make you think what other mainstream tech reviewers are up to?

  3. Been looking to upgrade my Pixel 2 XL with my contract running out and I couldn't be more divided on this phone. Headphone jack is a huge plus but everywhere I read I see it has an inconsistent performance when it comes to the camera. Anyone have it and can give some clarity?

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  5. At 1:58, you just missed focus on the 108 MP photo. Look at the hairs on the side of his face — far sharper. Pixel binning does not improve sharpness and detail. In fact, it makes those two things worse. What it does improve is noise, which can make sharpness and detail easier to see, even if they are actually worse. In your test, though, neither image was particularly noisy, one was just out of focus.
    Sometimes in the pixel binned mode they'll use an unsharp mask to increase the perceived sharpness, just because they can– there's less noise, and as such, they have to worry about it less. As we know, unsharp masks increase noise, so they'll avoid that on the un-pixel-binned mode.

  6. @4:40 I'm not sure I'm following what you're saying. Are you talking about 2K considering this phone has more than 2,000 (though too much for the 2k standard, actually) horizontal pixels when held horizontally (in the orientation screen resolution standards are usually considered), or are you comparing this phone to the few that have screens with ~2,000 pixels sideways when held vertically? Because that is usually termed 4K like in television resolutions of 3,840×2,160 (even though it's obviously less than 4,000 pixels wide).

    If it's the first option: the taller screen has its benefits, but I think they started using more than 1,920 pixels because bezel-free phones need screen area allocated for digital navigation buttons, and if they don't want it to cover screen area usually kept for the regular 16:9 image that calls for taller screens.

    If it's the second option: I suppose 4K on a phone display would still feel a bit sharper, but it's mostly pointless unless you want to use it for VR where the screen is both very close to your eyes and the horizontal resolution is effectively halved.

  7. You seem to have got rather confused on the camera section. You start off by saying that the camera performs better on the 27mp mode than the 108mp. I'm about to point out that, well, of course, it's the same camera, using four times the pixel sensors per pixel. But then you go onto explain that it's split into 4 (quad Bayer). Fine. But then you conclude that you don't see the point in a 108mp camera… Eeerm, haven't you just shown it? Yes, a 108mp image is pointless, but using the 108mp sensor to produce 27mp images gives you good photos. Using 4:1 pixels gives you better colours than just 1:1 as with the 108mp output mode. Using 4 pixels effectively gives you 4 times the light per pixel, giving you the bigger sensor you discussed at the beginning. So your final point doesn't really make sense. You've just shown it to work…

  8. I'm honored to say that I tried the Mix Alpha yesterday! But seems no difference for the image produced from 108MP camera. Maybe I didn't zoom out the picture for details

  9. We need varieties of different phones.. That's different.. I say get it more pickles I like it cause I take a picture and zoom in it looks way better.. Then a 12 mega pickles..

  10. Damn hating right off the jump.. Cause if Samsung would of drop the 108 mega pickles He would be bragging and boasting and drooling all over the 108 mega pickles.. Lol smh..even though that 108 mega pickles is a Samsung camera.. Oh don't just watch and go by what he say check other tech reviewers out.. You will get different inputs.. 😜

  11. Even over a year of quad bayer phones and "pixel binning", no one has bothered to test or can tell with any certainty if the whole combine four pixels Into one big one is a load of horseshit or not. Is it better than having just one big pixel? Because from what I've seen, none of the quad bayer sensors are really any better, and in many cases worse, than a traditional layout. This camera might have been more impressive if it was 27MP and not 108MP. Just marketing bullshit from Sony and Samsung sensor division. Form over function. If it was really any better don't you think professional cameras would be all over this quad bayer stuff? You could have 1000MP on a DSLR!

  12. when will reviewers learn the basics of photography already… no, there's no difference in "distortion" between a digitally cropped 3.8x zoom and a 5x optical zoom


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