The Best $500 Phones Right Now

Thoughts on the best phone options right now for $500

Razer –
Galaxy –
OP6T –
Pixel –
Zen –

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  1. The s9+ has frequent software updates been using it past year now and as am writing this in Dec 2019 we received the last update on dec 1 2019 so clearly that has changed for samsung..

  2. TBH, if my carrier doesn't have it, I won't buy it. We all have carriers because phones get drastically better year over year, and what they offer is better than spending $500 out the door for a phone that will have dead tech in a six months.

  3. Because the pixel 4 was so underwhelming, I really hope google makes a 4a without the radar crap (hopefully keeping face ID though.), without the 90hz, and with a bigger battery and even baseline water resistance. That’d be fantastic.

    I would love a samsung phone, I’m just not buying a phone with a junk ass curved display.

  4. for those who critizise the design of the zenphone 6, it's a GAMING phone don't expect that overpriced apple's or samsung's design. If u don't like it pay more and that's all, if don't have money to buy a expensive one, shut up.

  5. If Samsung are slow to update their phones, wouldn't that just make people buy another one? Noooo, I hear you say. Surely a fine 'ethical' company like Samsung wouldn't do stuff like that?

  6. Performance absolutely isn't an issue with the 3a XL. After Android 10 it got even better. And battery life is incredible. I was able to pick one up in mint condition for $250, at that price there is nothing better. And I came from a S10+ I broke.


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