The Best Budget Phone of 2018 – Moto G6 Review

The Best Budget Phone of 2018 – Moto G6 Review
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Need a new phone but have a tight budget? Well, you’re in luck! In this video, we take a look at the new Moto G6, one of the best budget phone options available. Find out why it’s so good in our video review.

-Moto G6 Specs-
5.7″ Full HD+ Max Vision display
3000 mAh battery
Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Water-repellent coating
32 GB of internal storage
3 GB of RAM
12 MP & 5 MP dual rear cameras
8 MP front camera

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  1. My mom and dad both got this phone off of Amazon for $150… They're getting my sister that phone and I might get a new one for Christmas because my current phone sucks. Literally only $20 from cricket

  2. I almost feel a little insulted for the G6 when people call it a budget phone. That's like saying a Corvette/Porsche is a trash car because it's not a Lamborghini. The thing works and looks great! I didn't care much for the built in screen display and extra features but who cares, it's an Android! I just downloaded the Nova settings app and then personalise my G6 to look, act, feel and function just the way I want it to🤗. If your not using every single feature on your top of the line/new iPhone or Android then your just ripping yourself off $ to keep up with the Joneses.

  3. This phone has served me very well, just running Tracfone. Now I am wondering if it is better than the Samsung A10E that is available if I move to Verizon. From what I can see online, this is the better option to stick with and I can move it to Verizon. Anyone have any experience with these two devices?

  4. My family all use iPhones . I resent every inflated penny to pay for them . I use a Moto g6 at half the price so we can afford the stupid Apple product . It does everything well .

  5. what snapdragon 450!!!???? are you never heard about xiomai or realme before!!?! you know nothing about value i have a phone cost less than that and a lot better i have realme 3 and is wayyyyyyyyy better at that price and time you can get realme 2 pro cost less than that cost just 200 and with snapdragon 660 which is like 70 to even 80 percent faster there is no way sd 450 is good

  6. I have had this phone for a week now, didn't want to sell my soul for a phone so I picked up the G6. So far I am totally happy with this phone and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good phone and a great price.

  7. I have a question. I play Pokemon Go. In some spots the game won't work at all for me yet it will for others. I asked what service the others use and one guy said Verizion, which is what I use as well. The game was working just fine for him. So could it be the type of phone I'm using that makes the difference? (Motorola g5s plus) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. I bought a Moto G4 Play in late 2016 and have generally been satisfied with it. I am seriously considering the G6 if I can find a good sale price and a good protective enclosure for one… plus a MicroSD card for more storage. Question: is the battery on this phone sealed, or can I crack the backing off and replace it if needed?

  9. Need help. Do I get this or the iPhone 6S? They are about the same price on tracfone website. G6 is one inch bigger. I won't be using the phone for pictures or demanding apps. I just want a phone for texting, calling, and uber app, and light internet browsing.

  10. How is it for say streaming? I watch Netflix, prime etc on my phone quite a bit.

    the camera on the G6 looks amazing compared to my LG Stylo 4. & I do not like it at all. The g6 does sound nice though!
    Camera & streaming quality is important for me, the memory needs to keep up lol I need my phones to be basically a tiny computer with call options 😆


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