This $100 Smartphone will Blow your Mind.

One of the Best Budget Android Smartphones I have ever seen!
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  1. buy one iPhone 11 pro because of the 4k camera/video recording
    or buy 10 of the Leeco phones with almost the same amount of ram and also 4k video recording and picture taking.
    I would rather buy this phone. It looks likes an iPhone, no its an android, no its a combination of all!!!

  2. considering the age of the video , i would have picked the lenovo k5 note instead . SD card support, 5.5" high density lcd, nice cpu, aluminium frame, also rear fingerprint like its the same but better for the same price

  3. I had this phone, and it worked well for one year. It stopped charging at all. I have tried cleaning the charging port, and I can't find a place to fix it. I have to get a new phone now. Don't get this phone.

  4. I have this phone but has dual camera. I think its the russian version. But overall it is definitely a beast in terms of gaming. And its camera is very decent. The 4k is working fine. Mine has 4000 mah battery and upon starting up it can last up to 3 days. I already gave it to my mom and still, that phone can outperform some of my cousin's high valued phones from more well known brands like huawei and oppo

  5. Samsung note 9… Dex os to make phone into pc with keyboard and mouse by plugging into tv, litteraly 2x the specs of i phone 10 and 1tb of expandable storage with a 90hz 1440p screen rooted phone for free with developer opions to make phone do anything i want it to. Run kali linux rom for free ….. Litteraly can do anything with 2x the ram and processor power as i phone 10…

    Apple fan boys …. But muh os ! Lol lol
    I could even run apple IOS if i wanted lol lol lol

    Cost of my note 9 …. 400$ manufacture refurbished

  6. LEECO LE S3 X626 ($100):
    32gb storage
    1920 x 1080
    3000mah battery
    12mp camera x3
    No headphone jack/expandable storage

    iPhone 11 pro ($1049):
    64gb storage
    2436 x 1125
    3046mah battery
    21mp camera x1
    No headphone jack/expandable storage

    Either this is got insane value or apple is just bad. Bit of both…


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