This Actress used to run on streets at midnight and say Amitabh Bachchan will kill me

आधी रात सड़कों पर दौड़ती थी ये एक्ट्रेस और कहती थी Amitabh Bachchan मुझे मार देगा

Updated: | Wed, 01 Jan 2020 12:24 PM (IST)

Amitabh Bachchan said, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha and Rakhi in addition to if any actress with the most movies is so he is of the ‘ 70s, a noted actress Parveen Babi. Forced, Wall, Amar Akbar Anthony, salt, halal, Kalia, Shaan, two and two five, the black stones, the great films like he had worked with. But a time came when their IT The-Star a mental illness of the victim and his illness reached this level was felt that ‘Amitabh Bachchan would kill her.’

Parveen Babi’s life attached to many stories which are surprised to have. The year 2005 in Parveen’s body at their home was found. Parveen said the bold actress as himself in the Bollywood had set in and their love life a topic of discussion in. His name is Mahesh Bhatt also was connected. It has to be said that their affair Kabir Bedi was also and breakup them after Mahesh Bhatt with got.

Mahesh had also left his wife and Parveen for a live-in relationship in the Stay began. Years in 1979, Mahesh suddenly a truth revealed that Parveen’s senses had stopped working is.

Then one day when Mahesh Bhatt home, and then returned to Parveen film costume clad home in the room in a corner hand in stabbing range while sitting intersected. Seeing this Mahesh shocked. Parveen said them to shut up and pointed it after the said slowly – do not talk in the room, someone who is trying to kill me is.

Mahesh Bhatt earlier Parveen to behave like this while had never seen. They take them to the vet if they showed them that the mental illness schizophrenia in which the person’s thoughts, behavior and feelings in unusual things to see are found. Subsequently, Mahesh wanted Parveen treat the Good Doctor recovered but doctors said that them heels to the electric shock will give. Hearing this he broke down because he something like this Parveen with not having wanted to.

It is said that Parveen’s disease are not well pie. Parveen is sometimes also think that was Amitabh Bachchan kill them wanted. So he shut himself into the room started. When his condition worsened so Mahesh his first wife have returned and left him. Mahesh Bhatt himself had said that ‘he midnight Parveen to leaving the house and were then to them he tried to stop was. Thereafter, he Half-night half-clothed on the streets hurries lives was.’

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