This Congress leader mistakenly says Priyanka Chopra Zindabad instead of Priyanka Gandhi Memes goes viral

इस कांग्रेस नेता ने Priyanka Gandhi की जगह कह दिया Priyanka Chopra जिंदाबाद, वीडियो देख बनने लगे मीम्स

Publish Date: | Mon, 02 Dec 2019 01:56 PM (IST)

Congress leader Surender Kumar, Delhi a public rally during made such a mistake given that today their name on social media is capped. Speaking at the rally, the Congress leader said during his speech at the Congress of the leaders of the compliment slogans in find undertaken. He then Priyanka Gandhi place of Priyanka Chopra Zindabad saying. Just had a video come on Twitter people it took jokes and MMS began making.

News agency ANI said on his Twitter account video to share done. On the occasion, Delhi Congress chief Subhash Chopra were also present. Bawana three-time legislator served Surender Kumar say can be heard, ‘Sonia Gandhi zindabad! Congress Party zindabad! Rahul Gandhi zindabad!, Priyanka Chopra Zindabad!’ As soon as Surender Kumar ‘Priyanka Chopra Zindabad’ said so their only standing near the Delhi Congress leading them in their turn began to look.

Please tell that Priyanka Chopra recently on December 1 your first wedding anniversary. This video in front of come after for them also it is a big surprise gift that will have their name online trend to felt.

This predisposition after social media on MMS become engaged. One user wrote, ‘did not know that the Priyanka Chopra of the Congress member was.’ People Priyanka Chopra funny style in Congress Join to congratulate started.

People Priyanka Chopra’s reaction to the MMs following.

A user said that if Take feel can be so this video must see. Plenty of laughter will.

People say it also not missed that in this video he repeatedly are looking.

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