This is why Hardik Pandya fiancee Natasa Stankovic enjoys a huge fan following on social media See her 7 Hot Photos

Hardik Pandya की मंगेतर Natasa Stankovic इसलिए हैं सोशल मीडिया पर इतनी हिट, देखें उनके 7 Hot Photos

Publish Date: | Thu, 02 Jan 2020 02:04 PM (IST)

The new year the first day of Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya and Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic has your relationship official announcement and engagement are. In addition Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli after the country next to cricket-Hyderabad: a couple have got. A knee to sit on the hearty Pandya, by its express love and Natasha Stankovic to the ring with heartthrob did. When the hearty and Natasha cute arranged photo and video posts on social media be so full virtual world sees longer.

Many people will know that Natasha TV shows and films in dance performance give now. While many people He social media know. On social media, this actress quite a fan following, which is that their fantastic photos and uploads is due.

Natasha between the photos on line likes and fans with beautiful and bold photos share is. Here similar some of their fantastic photos, which are that their fan following are extended.

Please tell that Natasha has years in 2013, Prakash Jha’s film Satyagraha Bollywood debut did. In 2014 he is the king of music videos in the gun then was. Later in the same year the Big Boss had taken part. Them popularity Big Boss Season 8 after taking part in GoT where he was in the house a month the underprivileged was. They are the king of DJs who Babu songs in sight I was.

Years in 2016 Saurabh Verma of 7 overs to go in the work done. In the movie he had a role of the police was played. Years in 2017, he for returns songs Mehbooba dance make everybody crazy created. Years in 2018, he blessed the L opinion of zero in the key did.

Natasha said that last year 2019 web series The Holiday was worked. He Ali Goni with Nach be 9 in the visible was given.

Natasha Nach be 9 in the third read MADE was.

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