TikTok Crosses 1.5 Billion Downloads Report

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Sensor Tower store of intelligence, according to a report in the Apple App Store and on Google Play jointly TikTok 1.5 billion downloads are made. App by February 2019 in 1 billion hits did. Is stated in the report that tick-tock in the last years in the World fourth-most-much download the non-gaming app was, and overall 655.8 million unique installs to succeeded in. 2018 than in 2019 also 6 percent more download.

Sensor Tower data have shown that tick-tock this year, the third most download the non-gaming app. WhatsApp 707.4 million install with on the first number and Facebook Messenger 636.2 million with the second. Facebook 587 million download with fourth and Instagram 376.2 million download with the fifth number comes on.

According to the report tick-tock by February 2019 in 1 billion downloads had surpassed. Then the next nine months in the 500 million downloads were made. 2018 app in the 500 million to 1 billion global downloads, grow in the seven months longer than was thought.

In India TikTok of explosive growth

According to statistics, Tick-Tock the biggest growth of India has resulted from. In India tick tock download almost 466.8 million or all the unique install of almost 31 percent was.

Officially tick tock claim that in India its 120 million monthly active users. Although these numbers April 2019 in the stock was and by then it may change drastically. This year in India TikTok far 277.6 million have been downloaded. This app all of the global install of almost 45 percent.

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Published: 19 Nov 2019 08:22 AM

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