Top 5 BEST Smartphones To Buy In Early 2020!

Top 5 BEST Smartphones To Buy In 2020! In this video review, these are in my opinion some of the best phones in late 2019 going into 2020! This video is for all budgets, expensive flagship and cheap options in comparison! Camera, battery, specs, price and design all covered here! I also look at the latest leaks, rumors and renders of some of the most popular upcoming future cell phones in early 2020. What phone do you have right now? What phone are you getting next?

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  1. Phones is a camera showdown like wtf everything that they are upgrading are literally cameras but samsung has everything it has a foldable phone,flipable phone,cameras im not saying that idont like any other phones exept for samsung this is my opinion.

  2. Blah Blah Blah,, all you guys come out with the same blurb,,,you extol the virtues of any phone, gadget or piece of tech, you get for free!!!! You need to get into the real world , of AFFORDABILITY ,, these phones are not worth the price,, only to tackle tarts who want the latest gadgetry!!! Do a sensible post on Quality affordable everyday phones, and maybe I won't thumbs you down for being a bought and paid for promo guy for tech junk!!!!!!!!

  3. First, loved the video and most of all the execution. As to Xiaomi and Huawei, the following link may address many of the concerns consumers have with respect to the products launched:

    Also, there are major concerns with their current position on its 5G technology, see below:

    In an era where the market in 5G connectivity is literally controlled by Qualcomm, and where Huawei (heavily funded by the Chinese government) is aggressively seeking to undermined Qualcomm (by way of a hostile takeover), and take the lead in global 5G standards… It's fair to say, consumers are rightly concerned and consequently hesitant purchase these phones. Especially, now – when the value of data has ACTUALLY surpassed that of oil. (i.e. reference below):

  4. Is the Samsung A100 phones still schedule for release in the 1st Qtr. 2020? And, what is your evaluation of the Vivo V19 Pro? I am not looking for a phone that has every feature under the Sun. But, my main desire is to have a phone that has a very good to excellent camera (32-megapixel front and 64-megapixel rear). I considered buying a camera but decided If I can find the right phone then that would eliminate my need for a camera. Your opinion would be appreciated.

  5. You describe the great features on the different models. But you never talk about it being a good phone. In meaning nice clear unbroken voice communication. That's the one feature if poor ruins phone. Every Samsung I've brought home is junk as a phone. And has been returned.

  6. I got a plus one 5T best phone IV ever had never lets me down. IV love to get my hands on the so called plus one concept McLaren that they showed this year but the prices of plus one have gone up so much I don't think I will be up grading any time soon, also 02 have sudinly stoped selling the plus one that has kinda stoped me in my tracks 😭


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