Trai Soon Change Ncf Charges To Reduce Tv Channel Pack Charges

Trai Soon Change Ncf Charges To Reduce Tv Channel Pack Charges

Cable TV and DTH customers, this is good news. Now in the New Year watching TV cheaper is nearing. Indeed, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is now broadcasting sector in the big changes is in preparation. Giving clients a low-cost TV channel pack recharge providing get the chance.

While the new rules apply from the old channel of the prices may change. In April, TRAI said customers to the new tariff rule applied were. After which the channel pack of the price rise had been. While, the tariff being expensive of behind the the biggest reason was ‘network capacities Phi’ (NCF) made in the makeover.

NCF Will be cheaper

Cable TV and DTH subscribers to 153 Bucks NCF is important to pay. NCF this thing also depends on that user-how many free-to-air channel subscribe to be. With it only a-la-carte (separately chosen) channel is also now expensive have become. TRAI now these low to consider doing so that users with cable TV or DTH subscription much money to spend not to adopt.

Content charging will give

The current time in the users to watch TV like two of the bills would have to pay, it is the first NCF charge and the second content charging occurs. The user by the content charged the TV channel of the broadcaster of the account is.. While the NCF charging he is charging which channel to show DTH or cable operator get. It has 100 channels to users every month, 153 Rs give the same happens.

NCF Such will be fixed

TRAI’s new report in tariff rule change to have been told. TRAI is trying now that he has users for TV online cheap US. For this, TRAI variables NCF bring arranged is. Terrible NCF every circle will be different for. In addition NCF the user’s choice and available data into consideration placing will be fixed.

Published: 30 Dec 2019 07:50 PM

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