TRAILER "Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer" Lifetime Movie

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  1. And as far as the wife, I could read through her like a book. There's nothing more in life I can't stand are fake people. With that being said, is that a reason to wipe your family out? Absolutely not but let's not beat around the bush and pretend like she was a saint.

  2. Lifetime is really despicable! Of course they would portray CW as a confident guy who just “snapped” all of a sudden! In reality CW is a cold selfish SOB who wanted a new life without his family! He planned the killings but was too much of an idiot to get away with it! All this movie will do is make the hags who swoon over CW more giddy and cause Shan’anns family even more pain! Shame on Lifetime! Always out for a buck!

  3. US is fucking sick and rotten why the fuck would you do this shit movie? Bad taste bad timing and always glorifying dead and murder, fuck the producers, actors and directors who agreed to do this shit

  4. If you portray this as he went into a blind rage you all already screwed the pooch
    If you portray Nicole as a poor victim sucked will piss off a lot of people..she is not a victim she is a selfish entitled twat waffle
    You all had a chance to make a good movie but just like Jodi arias and the porn stars before you'll probably blow it.

  5. I honestly believe Chris hated his family. I think there was no love there. For his wife or the girls. He just went through the daily motions. He was once fat and ugly. Probably never could land any woman, let alone a decent woman like his wife. He lost the weight, started to look better, women started to notice him, and he gained confidence… he no longer had to "settle" with shannon.
    I think he got pleasure in killing his family, watching them all struggle and fight for their lives. He got off on that, and he gets off on all of the press he gets. Its weird he took out his entire family, but he is being treated like a celebrity. Books, movies, interviews….weird

  6. Cant wait. Only one thing I noticed; the actor who's playing watts seems on the cocky side in the way a good looking fit guy would be. While watts was handsome and fit prior to this he was 60 pounds heavier and quiet and reserved. While I'm sure the actor did a great job with the part I've watched enough interviews with watts to observe that he was more so the shy quiet overweight husband with a dad bod than the chiseled cocky arrogant asshole type.

  7. He’s a monster this should never have happened but people saying it shouldn’t be turned into a movie producers do this all the time it’s the way they work even if it’s the worse thing that’s happened it’s heartbreaking

  8. This is so fucking nasty. He’s going to get tons of new sick fan girls writing to him in prison after this. If they demonize Shannan and play the whole “he flew into a rage” card I will be livid. He confessed. He said he killed the girls because he was mad with Shannan. Fuck Lifetime for making this. I’m absolutely disgusted. This isn’t something to be dramatized. It happened barely over a year ago. I can’t imagine how this is going to affect Shannan’s family and friends.

  9. I feel so sorry for the family. They don't have time to grieve bc it keeps getting pushed right back in their faces. They have to relive it so much that its ridiculous.
    I still cant fathom how and why this happened to those beautiful babies and their mom . So I can only imagine how their family feels.

  10. This is too early. I hate the idea of giving them fame for what they do. But if you’re gonna do it anyway, give it some time man. Her family is still mourning, Chris is still young where he can see and hear about it. It’s disgusting that people would prefer to make money instead of care about the fact that this is people’s lives they are playing with.

    With all that being said I do think it’s important for them to make movies for people to be aware of how dangerous humans are. No one expects for a close friend, family member or neighbor to hurt them.

  11. They're barely cold in the ground, the family is still grieving. LETS MAKE A DRAMATIZED MOVIE ABOUT IT AND LETS IGNORE FACTS AND BLAME IT ON RAGE! The idea of this movie is disgusting, it's not entertainment.

  12. This is too heartbreaking. I can’t bring myself to watch this. I don’t want to know what he did and all. I just want that piece of shit dead. I want him to die a slow and painful death.


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