Truecaller launches a new Software Development Kit for mobile platforms


The new SDK aims to provide seamless user verification by using innovative OTP-less process.

One of the biggest communications apps with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, Truecaller, has launched its software development kit solution focused mainly at mobile Web platforms. The formal announcement was made on Tuesday 16th July 2019 byTruecaller which is developed by the privately held app development company True Software Scandinavia AB, registered in Stockholm, Sweden and was initially launched by BlackBerry on 1st July 2009. The new Truecaller SDK would provide support for all the major mobile platforms across Android, iOS, React and mobile Web.

In a statement given by Priyam Bose, the Global Head of Developer Platform And Relations at Truecaller, said”Our vision has always been to enable the developer community by providing them with solutions that help them to build user-focused, trust-based and growth-oriented products,” while also adding that “User onboarding and verification continues to be one of the critical use cases for developers as it is crucial in creating the first impression for their users in terms of building a seamless and secure product experience.

In rapidly expanding markets like India, mobile Web-based activities on smartphones are proving to be the first point of contact for suggesting smart and specifically targeted online advertising content.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by Truecaller in these markets has been to set up users using email or other modes and getting verified using the quite inefficient OTP process which resulted in inefficient user registration. The new SDK solution on mobile Web is targeted at removing this obstacle by simplifying the process for developers through its innovative verification solution which employs free to use phone number-based verification process which is OTP-less thereby allowing users to securely access services using their credentials provided on Truecaller.

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