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The digital desk. Market in better ways of working in the world to get the running finance from related trends of keep the information for each trader is important. However maximum benefits to the it also is unsatisfying. The same thing keeping in mind we have 5 market trends from you to introduce you want if used by more than you can earn profit. Since trends can change rapidly, such as news and market connection between the too is necessary to understand. This allows a trader to more conscious and know it moves when the market trend slow, or are going in the opposite direction can.

1. Gold market
The last few time from gold ranging logo increasingly interested became interested is. It recently $ 1500 USD per ounce, the value reached which led to a large number of traders between the demand for gold grew so that they are safe and stable commodity money in the can. Since May Gold $ 200 per ounce more per ounce is trading at. This current US / China trade affected by the war in which China by Yuan manipulate her value down to bring is also included. It’s a matter of concern also is that the US economy is getting slower and lately by the US Federal Reserve to reduce interest rates has been decided.

Here we Olympus trade Account of chart you indicate are that on August 9 from IS and 4-hour interval gives information. Chart May of this year from the month begins. Here you clearly a growing trend that you can see traders to invest in gold for profit is the opportunity to get. In the long-term trade to the traders market is the top of fall trends can wait and more money you can earn. While the day to trade that traders buses i.e. go up the market of profit ranging from 4 to 10 percent of profit per day can take.

2. Brent oil
Last month many of the developments of the go Brent oil prices of your lower level access are done. It is mostly the global lack of demand is based on, but it’s yuan change also was impressed because many of China oil imports in yuan to consider is going to be. Saudi Arabia has since announced that they, OPEC officials will be meeting with, so a deal of production under cut the prices back up to be brought. As below you can see from the chart, in the production of cut referring to the only market in the top fall trends to meet seem. $ 55 USD per barrel price are OPEC always comes into action, and many concrete steps which prices can be increased. Traders this opportunity the advantage of picking can. This year it’s price range $ 65 – $ 70 USD might be. Olympus trade such as special occasion and occasions, the one gives the opportunity to its traders so that they Oil prices go up to be stable before more profit to earn.

3. Oil-based currencies
Forex markets depend on each other to items in currency and oil are. There is also the oil with the closest relation of the Russian ruble is. Since the ruble many years ago free currency had become so the dollar/ ruble and euro / ruble currency pairs with the price of oil decreasing and the mounting are viewed. The Russian central bank from 62 to 65 rubles per dollar value of the likes to lay, such in the oil prices in any significant decline from the 65 above, the number of on-the-go Russian producer OPEC contact a practice start so the prices back to their place to be brought. Although the oil cartel official member Russia is not on the IT group determined by the production quotas, often with the collaboration does. In the screenshot you 65 rubles level on-resistance and the 63-level support can see. Taking advantage of the aspiring trader option trading you can use. This currency pair on a few earn good profits for the Brent oil price changes in the advantage of can be picked up.

4. Bitcoin
Bitcoin just completely is not over, however some people liked the beginning of this year such was predicted. It is now a few months from the edge of the side. The yuan’s decline is also a reason that people dollar options as I see are. Although it is hard to believe that bitcoin in April this year at $ 4,000 and was just recently $ 12,000 on the visiting halted. Broken currency rise, a fall, and then rise again of the trend is visible. Bitcoin for the trade two things are important – options and forex. That is why such trading platforms is advisable which uses both. On this view, matter is that most of the crypto exchanges in both options do not meet. On this Olympus the trade such as a broker a better option, which are both features attach.

5. US dollar Canadian dollar (USD / CAD) against the
The US dollar against the Canadian dollar, with two months of solid gains after trends opposite have become. The U.S. and Canadian governments, the economic data on the basis of this change for the near future, new paradigms will be. Us $ your while beginners compensate for the loss, possibly the next several weeks will. This gives investors good profit is expected to be. The same reason the Canadian dollar to investors when their stock started selling and then will it dollar the robustness of the trend and will take you further.

Both governments from the incoming economic news to keep in mind is required. In addition, the quarterly reports do not come from any investor long-term investments can earn profit. Such is necessary in the U.S., Mexico and Canada between trade agreements on the mine monitored to be. The investor in this currency pair from the earnings advantage of the timezone of the Via can also. In such is important that such a platform should be used which all markets in the investment feature offers. Understanding of the market, Finance attached to the news and market how does it work if these a few things of information you have is so good you never become more can take advantage. – 2 Basic Strategies for Trading Forex

Source: Olympus trade

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