Twitter Will Remove Inactive Accounts

Twitter Will Remove Inactive Accounts

San Francisco: The micro-blogging site Twitter your passive out owners of the Send email that is or so 11 until December to sign or their username will be deleted. Twitter user, who have six months or more from the time log did not have them, on behalf of the company the email alerts will find.

The were by Tuesday, the Twitter spokesman said, quoting the “public dialogue of service under our commitment as part of the, we disable the accounts for the removal of are working, making people more accurate, reliable information and they twitter rely on it.”

He said, “this effort is part of the people on Twitter registration to actively log-in to and use to encourage, as our passive out in the policy stated.”

However, out immediately will not be removed. This process take several months.

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Published: 27 Nov 2019 10:36 PM

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