U&I Launches New Range Of Innovative Lifestyle Gadgets

U&I Launches New Range Of Innovative Lifestyle Gadgets

Yu & I India in the lifestyle consumer products, the new range launch, including Bluetooth speaker, soundbar data cable and headphones are included. These products latest technology are equipped with.

Gadget accessories and consume electronics brand u & i By Your Products of the new range launch. On this occasion, the company has several product launches such as pick-up sandbar, sleepy socket, locker & strong speaker and lamp and Kroc USB cable series.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Locker portable Bluetooth speaker with 1200mAh battery which comes with the best music experience offers. Bluetooth In addition to USB cable, TF card, FM and AUX cable with the help of on the locker to your favorite music can run.


This sandbar 1200mAh battery comes with, which is quite a better music experience offers. For connectivity this soundbar Bluetooth 5.0 comes with, such as your smartphone, laptops and tablets connect easily could be.

Sleepy Bluetooth socket

This device has these built-in rechargeable 200mAh battery comes with. Full charge on it 6-7 hours of continuous music play, can. This is Bluetooth 5.0 version support and fast connections and better connectivity of the promise.

U & i strong

This 8 watt in-built speaker which comes with crystal clear sound experience offers. Its built-in rechargeable 500mAh battery you with nonstop music and enjoy can.

Speaker micro-USB cable comes with, so whenever you want, where wish music can enjoy. U & i the lamp and Kroc data cable series launch is also done, its cable are extremely strong which fast charging options (2.4 A output) come up with. These cable high-quality copper wire are created from which transmission of the best cause attach.

Price and availability

  • U & I pick-up the sound bar (black and iron ash colour), price Rs 2499
  • U & I locker portable Bluetooth speaker (black, red and blue colour) price Rs 2499
  • U & i Bluetooth socket (white and black colour) price Rs 2899
  • U & i strong portable Bluetooth speaker (silver, black, red, blue colour) price Rs 1599
  • U & I lamp and crack data cable (black and white colour) price Rs 299

All products all leading retail stores and e-commerce platforms can be purchased from.

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