"Unicorn Store" Brie Larson Directorial Debut Movie Trailer

The movie will be out on Netflix on April 5



  1. we all know that theres a heavy bias coming into this comment section for many reasons. i want to make that clear that im not one that holds that bias.

    so with that said, what the actual fuck is this movie about? this didnt sell me on ANYTHING, and, "the most adult thing you can do is fail at things you care about"…fucking WHAT? that tired old depressing message of "being adult means giving up on your dreams"? seriously? everyone under 35 already wants to kill themselves, you just reminded us of the depressing world in the ONE PLACE WE GO TO GET AWAY FROM THAT, our fucking media. our last shred of hope.

    what a mess. i havent the slightest clue what this fucking movie is about. it looks more like a documentary of things that happen day to day than it does a story. i shouldnt have to try and piece together in my head what the film is trying to be about from context clues.



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