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Digital Desk, New Delhi. Democracy, the three major organs of the Indian judiciary is an important and indispensable organ. Whether decades is religion connected to the Ayodhya dispute or the government of any associated lawsuit, years in 2019, the Supreme Court said many important decisions pronouncement. That is why in times to come the year 2019, the Supreme Court’s historic decisions will be remembered for. I know this year the Supreme Court which 7 important cases decisions on the following :

1. Ayodhya decision

Ayodhya, the Ram Janmabhoomi issue dispute just the opposition of not only the country but also of the dispute was. This controversy for decades was going on. Finally on this 40-day hearing after the Supreme Court on November 9, Your decide heard. This is the date the history of India in golden letters recorded. The court disputed the ground on the ownership really given to the Muslim side to a second location on 5 acres optional land decided to give. It decided the former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi headed by 5 judges bench of By been pronounced.

Court after the verdict of the country in the major cities Section 144 has been implemented so that any place violence is not possible, but Hindu and Muslims by this time of unity, he submitted. The country’s Muslims, even though this decision dissatisfied neither are, but the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, such as some Muslim organizations of dissatisfaction expressed. This decision on the Muslim parties by a total of 18 reconsideration petitions filed. On December 12, the Chief Justice SA be headed by 5 judges of the special bench of all these 18 reconsideration petitions dismissed. Now this case is over.

2. RTI in the realm of the Chief Justice Office

On November 13, Supreme Court Chief Justice (CJI) of the Office of the right to information (RTI) Act, 2005 in the realm of come ruled. This decision under the CJI’s office is also a public authority, under which it is also the RTI in the realm of the will. In 2007, RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agarwal by judges of property to learn a RTI application filing was done. Which CIC orders even after the applicant information is not provided.

The Delhi High Court has also give the information of the ordered years, in 2010 the Supreme Court general secretary and Central Public Information Officer, Delhi High Court against this decision to the Supreme Court stormed. Finally, 9 years later, the Supreme Court on the case full stop put. It is also the former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi headed by 5 judges of the constitutional bench by been pronounced.

3. Raphael deals in the Modi government a clean chit

Lok Sabha elections in 2019 Congress Rafale deal the issue was, but the BJP people achieved victory. The Supreme Court on November 14, 2018 58 thousand crore of this Rafael deal of irregularities in the investigation against the demand dismissed petitions has been. This decision on the reconsideration petitions filed. All petitions top court on 10 May, the hearing of the finish and on November 14, and ultimately to the central government a clean chit given. In the case former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice KM Joseph of the bench had ruled.

4. Rahul Gandhi to the relief

The former Congress national president Sonia Gandhi against BJP leader Meenakshi are the defamation case lodged had. He had alleged that ‘the BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attack the Rafale deal on the case of the Supreme Court decisions have twisted are introduced. This court’s contempt has occurred.’

In this case, filing a defamation case at the court after hearing, on 10 May, the decision to keep it safe had taken. Rahul made his statement on the affidavit in his mistake, assuming the court apologized, whom the court on November 14 be accepted. As well as the Supreme Court Rahul no statement, give time to be cautious of the instruct also gave.

5. The basis of the agreement on the misdemeanor case of cancellation

Kerala of a maiden by a young man on the misdemeanor case had made. After the agreement between the two then the damsel by the affidavit of the Kerala High Court from the lawsuit back would take, but the Kerala High Court has sued to cancel refused. The court did say that ‘the consent of a physical connection become even after this case 376 belongs to, so the agreement, even after it can not be canceled.’

The High Court by Sue revoked not be made on the accused by the Supreme Court of the stance used. The Supreme Court said that the ‘maiden of the affidavit and the case of the circumstance considering we believe that in this case the criminal action, the finish should be.’ In the end the Supreme Court case on the ongoing action to finish the order given and said that ‘full justice to this essential and mandatory.’

6. Memory cards important documents

The Supreme Court on November 30 criminal cases in the memory card important document declared. This is the case, sexual harassment was linked to, in which the Malayali actress with misdemeanor had been. This misdemeanor of videos in a memory card save was. In this case, accused Dilip Kumar of the video was demanded, after which the Supreme Court has the memory card also in criminal cases of evidence for pressing the document was termed.

7. Karnataka unworthy of legislators to justice

In Karnataka, the Congress and the Janata Dal Secular of 17 legislators in the Karnataka Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar, rebel agreement to allow elections to disqualify did. Unfit the men were all 17 legislators against this decision to the Supreme Court in the petition filed. On the case by the Supreme Court on November 13, all these legislators to contest the qualifications for give ruled. Please tell these legislators by their parties to leave the state in the Congress and Janata Dal Secular’s coalition government fell.

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