Vishva Hindu Parishad Wants Ram Mandir To Be Built With Hindu Donation

Vishva Hindu Parishad Wants Ram Mandir To Be Built With Hindu Donation

Ayodhya was brought to the Supreme Court after the decision of the now a Ram temple to be built ranging many reports are coming in front. In order now these news have also come to the fore that the construction of the temple of the Hindus took from Will.

The World Hindu Council, according to sources, the construction of Ram temple Hindus of the offerings will be from the government, Ram temple construction for the money not spend would like Somnath in the construction of the temple of the Hindus Chande was from the same way of Ram temple construction, the people mobilized from the offerings will be.

Indeed, the Supreme Court in its judgment these had said that the Ram temple for the construction of the central government within three months of a trust is making and the building of the temple of responsibility is given. The Supreme Court in its judgment said that the central government in these three months the Ram temple ranging a roadmap to. The corresponding of let go now the World Hindu Council on behalf of the temple construction ranging took point in front is coming.

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In addition, the World Hindu Council executive chairman, Alok Kumar, also of the statement is unfolded. He Ayodhya case on the Supreme Court decision is welcomed. As well as the most to keep the peace of any appeal. Alok Kumar, said,” today, extremely happy day. Today many years of war and struggle after this decision came.” He further said,” We court decisions are welcome. The court considered that the mosque is a large structure was. ASI gave him the 12 century temple of told. The mosque to the ground, which he received special law according to have had.”

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A year will start in the temple building

RSS according to sources, within a year of Ram temple construction will begin. Where just now really ensconced, the same pops on the temple of the womb of the planet will build. 3 months later when the trust will become, after all with the consent of next year auspicious muhurat in the construction of the temple will start. Four such auspicious time, when the construction of the temple can be started.

Published: 09 Nov 2019 03:12 PM

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