Vivo Funtouch OS-10 will earthquake warning


Digital desk, Beijing. Chinese smartphone maker company Vivo for users is a good news. It’s great that your phone soon you earthquake-related information will IE that before the earthquake only alerts you will make. Indeed Vivo your new font OS-10 in the weather related feature on the is working.

Recent report according to Vivo FTP OS the project manager to had has revealed that his team your existing FTP custom UI the latest version of Vivo’s Funtouch OS-10 is working on, in which the earthquake to warn of the option being worked on is.

He pointed out that this feature is still work in progress and some weeks in the company in its internal testing will be. This new feature Xiaomi’s latest MIUI-11 custom user interface just like the earthquake to warn of the facility will provide.

According to the report, Xiaomi had said that the MIUI-11 and Mi-TV earthquake coming seconds, ranging from ten seconds ago until information be able to give.

Font OS-10 a recent in vivo process daemon technology, app sharing, desktop icon and animation effects with features like release was.

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Vivo Funtouch OS-10 will get earthquake warning
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