Vivo Nex Review: The Futuristic Phone You Don't Want In Your Pocket

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Despite its futuristic design and undeniable appeal, the Vivo Nex is not a phone you want in your pocket. Join Kris as he explains why in our Vivo Nex review.

Sub-titles available in English and Hindi.
Vivo Nex रिव्यू इंग्लिश और हिन्दी sub-titles के साथ

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  1. Anyone who follows what this guy says about this phone is a lemming, what I'm seeing is if one person says this then the rest follow, if another person buys this they all buy it. Lemmings just never look around and test instead they look in front of them and buy either a Samsung or iPhone ect.

  2. Wonder why barely anyone speaks about the sound quality on this one. It has a Hi-fi dac (cirrus logic) inside, which is even more rare than a 3.5mm jack these days…and it does sound absolutely stunning. The battery life is also great, it`s like a nuclear power station. The mess with VIVO accounts was also fixed in the international version, as well as the reliability of the finger print scanner after an update.
    This is a very high quality device overall.

  3. You built your review on chinese version. The international version you can change launcher without any vivo account and google play is included. For the fingerprint scanner i never had a problem with it unless the sensor area is dirty or your finger is dirty, plus you have to scan your finger correctly and it's fast and reliable to unlock the phone. Am just hoping they release the pie update sooooooon. Nice review

  4. Cameras had moving lens before cell phones for those old enough to remember. It will survive mechanics that's old tech. It won't survive software. That will probably glitch and lock the camera up.

  5. I've had this phone for a while now and haven't found it all that frustrating to do anything, I have a custom launcher, really easy to get working, you can turn off Jovi. Each to their own though.

  6. I am giving a thumbs down for the following reasons-
    1. There is an international version available where everything is in English along with all google apps, assistant etc… Maybe you need to update or flash your rom to enable them
    2. The international version's phone seem's to have weeded out the IOS(image optical stability) for video recording.
    3. The cringiest part all you tech reviewers crib and cry about is the moving camera…. Flash news genius the electronic motor technology has been around for decades and has been far perfected- from being used in your DSLR lenses, Camera bodies, RC motor's /boats and imaginably under all household appliances.
    Being a spokes person for Android Authority get your facts and research right before underwriting your opinion based on FAD.

  7. Ugly notch is damned terrible, anti-human, unacceptable completely! Idiotic apple spread this shitty habit and polluted the world…

    This real bezeless screen looks fully awesome with a smart pop-up camera. Think how many times you do a selfie every day. Pretty few. Comparing to the backside camera, the front side one is rarely used. Then, why the hell use a so f..king ugly notch all the time just for a merely used thing? Holy crap logic, just because of the shitty apple did so.

    On the contrary, the pop-up camera just resolved the shitty unbalanced problem well. Hide the rarely used front side camera, jump it out only when it's needed, and bring the balance back!


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