Vodafone-idea Customers Have To Pay More Tarrifs From the 1st Of December

Vodafone-idea Customers Have To Pay More Tarrifs From the 1st Of December

New Delhi The country’s telecom companies, the financial health of extremely bad round I is such now that companies have mobile services can be expensive in addition to no choice left. Where previously Reliance Jio has non live network to call on for 6 money per minute rate of IUC charging decided was right there now Vodafone Idea also your 30 million more mobile customers blow.

From December 1 expensive will Services

Reliance Jio now after vodafone-idea by its mobile and data services December 1, from the expensive to the promulgation of the tax. However, the company did not told that services how expensive will be. Vodafone Idea Ltd., said, ” in India, where A and mobile data services on demand with fast growing. The same mobile data charges in the world is the lowest. Telecom sector on the excessive financial pressure in front of everyone there. The Cabinet Secretary headed committee of Secretaries in this case, the appropriate relief to give on considering. vodafone-idea your customers to the global level of digital services give stay to December 1, 2019 from your tariff of prices in suitable hike will.”

Why is increasing the prices

Telecom sector in the first live and now vodafone-idea of the PSBs, you almost take this for granted, let’s make that soon other telecom companies such as Indian Airtel and BSNL also have their tariffs increased can. Indeed, the telecom sector at the moment is extremely financial pressure is facing. According to estimates, the telecom sector is currently 700000 crore more than the debt. On the other side, recently the Supreme Court in case the loser after Bharti Airtel and vodafone-idea companies like 100000 crore repay more than won. Such obviously is that it makes companies ‘ financial health more setback is that is why companies will reduce your loss to now raise the tariff are.

Published: 18 Nov 2019 08:39 PM

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