WhatsApp will not run on old smartphones from tomorrow, the company stated this reason | tomorrow from old smartphones will not run on WhatsApp, the company has described these because


Digital desk, San Francisco. Tomorrow (Wednesday) from Facebook owned WhatsApp at the global level, millions of old mobile devices will not work on. The company has such a phone to support not to continue decided. Facebook said that on December 31, since users on Windows phone ever WhatsApp don’t run will find. The company said that in the coming months, WhatsApp millions on the headphone will stop working. Old devices by the company, for support not to continue decided.

Facebook said that a February, 2020 from iOS 8 or older than any iPhone on the WhatsApp support will not. Its the same with Android 2.3.7 version or more old device, it will not work. This operating system users already new WhatsApp account create and re-verify are unable to.

The social networking platform, said that in addition, WhatsApp on December 31, 2019 since all the windows from the headphone support is back. The same month, Microsoft also has its Windows 10 Mobile OS from support is to finish. Messenger service platform other service Messenger and Instagram to be integrated into the goal with Facebook’s WhatsApp in the year 2014 in the $ 19 billion price was bought in.

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