WhatsApp Will Not Support These Smartphones After 5 Months

WhatsApp Will Not Support These Smartphones After 5 Months

WhatsApp by 1 February 2020 from the old Android and iOS operating system smartphones that support will not. Last year, the company said this announcement was.

1 February 2020 from the 2.3.7 version on Android phones that WhatsApp will not work. In addition, iOS 8 and below it’s on the phone, even WhatsApp will not. Please tell that a January Windows Phone, even on the WhatsApp support is closed. Android Gingerbread phone also WhatsApp will not work. While Windows Lumia phones also WhatsApp is closed. Microsoft Store also WhatsApp has been removed.

The official blog WhatsApp already confirmed has that from February 1 the old version ones Android and iOS in WhatsApp app will be closed. Earlier Symbian phones also WhatsApp is closed. It is not that only China has these same devices from the support is carried over.

Many other service also these headphone on off are done. By Google in 2017 gingerbread support at finish was. While Apple also gave the iPhone 4 from 2015 in support was turned off. This means these also is that these phone hack is quite easy. The last few times I took many kind of discussions come out and such in this update version run the only users for the more safe will be.

Whats the world’s most popular messaging app in India and also millions of people this app to use it. It contains text message in addition to voice call and video call also facilitates. Of its popularity due to its quite simple and user friendly is said to be. Being told that the old operating system on the new features do not support you. WhatsApp as a new feature ups and almost daily new updates released is in such a old operating system them I can’t.

Such operating system updates-

Android users phone go to Settings About phone from your phone’s operating system version can learn. As well as the software updates by clicking on your smartphone can update. In addition, iPhone users go to Settings General option by selecting software updates in the select your operating system information you can take and from there, the software can update.

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