White Savior: The Movie Trailer

A movie about a black woman who made history and a man who was white when she did.
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White Savior: The Movie Trailer- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers



  1. It's funny cause this is exactly how The Left see themselves, as White Saviors with White Guilt who have to help black people by creating Affirmative Action, Welfare, and other Social Programs in order to say "See we like black people, even though they can't do anything without our help" As If Blacks needed anyone to help them succeed.

  2. This is proof that White people see the same thing we see. Can't have a movie without a White male savior. Something to make all the White people feel good about themselves. Even though they know it's a lie.

  3. Black people wouldn’t even need “saving” if they weren’t terrorized still to this day by people who shouldn’t even be in their countries and brought over here back in the day, all by the ancestors of the same people trying to “save them”.

  4. That black woman is so lucky her white friend found someone to adopt her, right after she already accomplished everything needed to in the movie. Btw can't wait for that Rosa Parks movie to come out.

  5. Actually a nice idea and quite truthful but they shouldn't have tried quite so hard to make sure everybody understands with the voice over. They probably did that because they were afraid of being accused of racism. Funny, ain't it?

  6. Unfortunately, I know so many people like this. The truth is, if you assume that a minority can't do something without the help of whitey, then you are the racist. I'm happy that this video is pointing this crap out. It shows how white liberal elites actually view people of color. The bigotry of low expectations is real.

  7. I'm a light skinned Indian dude, and I grew up in a mostly white suburb of Boston. In high school, I remember this white classmate said something racist about Indians, and then, when I pointed out I'm Indian he said, 'oh, well you're basically white'. As if it's such a compliment, and all I want is to be white.


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