Why is EVERYONE Buying this $200 Phone??

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Is your Pixel 2 really worth $700? Is your iPhone X really worth a grand? This cheap Chinese phone sucks- but it doesn’t suck THAT bad… Is this the best phone for the money?

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  1. i have the xiaomi a2 lite (android one). its the 2nd one ive had (first was redmi note 5 pro). its a great phone, but dont believe the reviews regarding the camera … its trash

  2. Nowadays, the smartphone market is moving more and more towards the less brand-centered mentality of the past and more towards the bang-for-your-buck mentality you get in markets like, say, the pc market. But it’s in this awkward phase where the big brands are still in control of a huge portion of smartphone buyers, so you get $1000 dollar phones which are essentially the same product as $300 phones that go under the radar media-wise but sell really well. When companies capitalize on both these things, you get products like the Samsung A series, which has sold even better at times than their S series. Guess what the most purchased phone in early 2019 was? The iPhone X? The Samsung S9? Nope. The Samsung A10. It’s good for the market because customers benefit more than companies, which is believe it or not ideal for the economy.

  3. I have to say that… the first comment that you show… It's from Brazil and it says:
    “` Crap
    A crap device, awful touch screen (to not say worst) battery life is another thing that I cannot describe without swearing the charger cable was defective and the charger it self come broken… Run from this brand!“`


  4. BEWARE OF "Hyperstech" Advertisements!!


    Hyperstech is a scam, fraud and cheat company!!!

    Do not waste your time and money to obtain their products or buying an xOne Phone!!

    You do NOT get the xOne Phone as advertised or as seen on YouTube.

    You will get a CHEAP Oukitel C16 Pro or Oukitel C15 Pro in a xOne Phone box.

    You pay 199,00 euro and get a 67,00 product or noting at all!!

    Don't deal with this company.

    These guys are criminals.

    Stay clear and spread the word people!!!

    Hyperstech are reviewed on Trustpilot with really bad feedback!!!

    Read it, as I was too late!!

  5. I saw this looking for Budget phones,

    Had an issue with the Umidigi One Pro suddenly dying after 8 months, the replacement Umidigi Power replacement lasted barely a month. The screen went to vertical lines the first time, then just black and completely dead the next. (All I was doing both times was FB browsing.)

    On amazon where I got my phone it took about a week to get a replacement, every response 24 hours later for every step with Umidigi, but they did send me the Power. Upgraded specs, lower MSRP

    The phone was great especially for the cost. Long battery life, NFC (which came in handy when I forgot my wallet). Then as happy as I was it died barely a month later. About 5 days later they just have me a refund.

    I paid $5.50 for the shipping twice and bought a folio style case for it the Power that just missed it's return. So -$19..50 (Not counting the One Pro's case since it lasted about 8 months)

    This is after trying to get the One Pro from DX and for 90 days it never arrived and Paypal at first denied my claim about it, then I preordered with deposit at Aliexpress who cancelled my preorder at launch and gave me the option to buy at a higher price and without the pre launch perks.

    It lacks your level of production, but I made a video about what happened.



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