Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Have you ever wondered why used iPhone’s cost so much money? Used iPhones like the iPhone 7 or 8 almost always cost more than the same generation of Android phone. Since iPhones receive support and feature updates longer than Android phones they often have a higher resale value.

Apple still supports older phones like the iPhone 6s, which will be updated to iOS 13. But older Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 don’t get the newest versions of Android. Android phones like Google’s Pixel phones or OnePlus phones that receive updates faster usually perform better in the long run.

iOS compatibility chart via Statista:

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Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones



  1. This video is so misleading its stupid..ive had a iphone and trust me with the newer software updates it really fucks up your battery with more usage..thankfully i have a android phone that is far superior and has a longer lasting battery

  2. :Watches price comparison of Iphone and Android on an Android phone.
    :Gets intimidated by knowing y Iphone cost more over years when it is originally expensive to start with :/

  3. Dont know what you are on about.I have an android for four years.its working well and it gets updates! So ….why pay for an I phone when android is better and cheaper!Just by the way i work for apple technical support!

  4. Because older iPhones still get major updates and support, meanwhile most Android phones only get support for two to three years Max depending on the OEM, for example an iPhone 8 will still get software updates until iOS 15 (a guess) but the s8 won't get Android 10 even if it can support it, because Samsung and their weird decisions, that's why , second well everyone knows Apple is like a "luxury" brand for smartphones and like any luxury brand like watches, bags, cars, etc they keep their prices relatively well, and I'm speaking from an Android user, I own a S10+ and never used iPhones and never will even if it is tempting me to try

  5. People act like after a few years these iPhones will be usable. I know someone that had an iPhone 8 and it was already laggy and slow. Only people that aren't in touch with technology believe iPhones are wayyy better.

  6. Android device drop price to fast because of too many android device outside there. However, due to lack of competion in term of OS, Iphone introduce new feature quite slow compare to Android. The main reason Iphone used phone cost more because there is no other smartphone using IOS yet. If a lot phone manufacture usinh IOS, i believe price will drop fast.

  7. Hilariously misleading video, Crapple doesn't have to compete with other Crapple products, that's the reason why their cost is higher (everywhere). Android based phones are everywhere, equivalent to using windows vs Crapple. Crapple also supports their phones LESS. Holy misleading videos lol

  8. Who leads the Operating System Market? Windows
    Who leads the Mobile Operating System Market? Android

    Apple has no balls to mock any of these. Cause after all Market share MATTERS.

    Also also, Who Makes the Android phones? China. Which Company? Foxconn.
    Who does make HIGH quality iphones? Also China.
    Also by same company Foxconn.


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