WiFi Digital TV tuner for tablet/phone – REVIEW

A look at a pocket TV Tuner which receives Freeview and transmits it via WiFi to a smartphone or tablet.
Amazon Link https://amzn.to/2KXIGZz (Affiliated)
Note: The free eye TV app will not work with this:
The EyeTV version of the app is free – *but* the EyeTV app looks for a WiFi network with a name like “Eye TV W 000612” but since my TV device transmits the WiFi name “Meron_320029” the EyeTV app won’t recognise it. So the choice is to pay £20 more and get a free app or pay £20 less then buy a £2.99 app. Or – don’t bother doing any of this. Perhaps go for a nice walk or something.



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  1. There used to be: "freeview" TV on the web: "FilmOn.Com." it was great because l could not get a proper signal in London and boxes never worked but l coukd get ALL programmes in North Cyprus where l live. It used to make me chuckle – the irony – but l think they charge a fee now. 🤔

  2. Soooo, if you want to watch tv on your phone, you need to stay at home. Kinda defeats the purpose really.
    I have tried literally loads of those stick antennas, and in various locations, and I have never had any real success. Save your money and download an app that gives you all the channels over the internet. Then, if like me, you have unlimited mobile internet, you can watch til your hearts content. Dont waste time trying to pull a tv signal over the air, unless you regularly sit within 50 metres of a tv transmitter.

  3. I have a couple of August mini pocket sized TV sets, (so phone is not required). One of them has a mini HDMI out socket which I have never tried. Used to take them when I went camping.

  4. they make one of these in the usa atsc . tzumi magic tv and i have one and its ok . at work it dose not work but at my house it works . i have to bring it to my friends house to see if it is going to work before i say its hit or miss and when i have my out door church party i am going to test it to.


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