World's First Holographic Smartphone Is Already There : The Future Is Now !

The First Holographic Smartphone Is Coming Late In 2018 The Future Is Now !

AT&T and Verizon announced they will start selling a holographic smartphone later this year. The Red Hydrogen One smartphone is the first phone from video equipment company Red.

The Android phone’s amazing feature is a “holographic display” that projects 3D images that can be viewed without special glasses. You will be able to view the images from the sides and behind, and interact with them using special hand gestures. It will also include cameras for capturing the custom 3D images.

Manufacturers continue to add new features — from waterproofing to animated poop emojis — to tempt people into upgrading their device. It’s unclear if a display that projects images into the air above the phone is just a flashy gimmick or if it will have some practical applications.

The phone will be available later this year, as early as the end of the summer, according to AT&T. Neither carrier announced a price for the phone, but during pre-orders, the price range from $1,295 for an aluminum model to $1,595 for a titanium-based option.

Source : CNN

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  1. Why carry phones when we can surgically implant receivers into our brains and walk around like zombies. Then we can just have skulls that have a removable section for easy upgrades. Of course the hardware will be Chinese and we will be their puppets, if we aren’t already.

  2. 2020 , technology hologram world, phone hologram fist, hologram.system Wii, move screen hand kinetics, + X box kinetics movement screen, hologram, system , + conected function spectacles Virtual Reality, VR , can see Full video you tube , screen hologram can big , 60 inchi, you see you tube,

  3. How to make a real holgraphic phone.first you need the phone creat invisible waves So the projectors can project the picture on invisible wave.only thing we see is just picture.

  4. No offense but if this phone will be created in the future, I guess the phone addictions among ppl will dramatically increases. Ppl will pay even more attention to their phones instead of socializing with others.

  5. my dad always had issues with technology back in 1985 he would get a vcr an cd player confused
    he never used a cell phones if he could see this he would just get frustrated he wanted his
    old school tech from the 50s that so stone age now THIS IS MAY 2019 and i find part of this
    video is already outdated give it another year who knows

  6. i'll be happy to see it on 2030. this shit on vid is possible only with Special glasses. without glasses there is no techs to do it. need to forget about this sht for minimum like 5yr.


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