Xiaomi Lunches Redmi Smart Speakers And Projector Know Specification

Xiaomi Lunches Redmi Smart Speakers And Projector Know Specification

Xiaomi’s Redmi K30 Pro with Redmi smart speaker launched. The company soon a smart projector also in the market ranging is incoming.

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi’s Redmi K30 Pro have been launched. In addition, the company has unveiled new speaker and Redmi projectors in the market, is lowered. The company has in Malaysia the smart projector will be launched.

Redmi touch screen smart speaker display look of the first generation Amazon Echo Show is like. The display at the top of the screen, while below it the speaker are given. Screen speaker 8 in HD resolution and 178 degree viewing angle with 8-inch touchscreen is given.

This speaker in China’s audio and video content meet. This smart speaker in a camera is also given. Which you via a video call can be initiated. Besides these, Samsung Smart TV, Smart Watch also sports will. Smart display in the face recognition facility is also given which is your children recognize the Will and automatic way for kids friendly interface in the Switch will be able to get.

While Xiaomi’s smart projector also will launch. This soon in Malaysia will be launched. This smart projector the weight of nearly one and a half kg. These projectors look absolutely Bluetooth speaker like. These Speaker 60 by 120-inch size of the screen the project will be able to. Smart TV also with a remote control have been given. These projector HD resolution on the project will.

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