Xiaomi watch collar with round dial will be launched in January | round-dial up Xiaomi watch collar in January will launch


Digital desk, Beijing. China’s handset maker company Xiaomi (Xiaomi) your round dial big watch collar three-January to launch is fully ready. This smartwatch substantially Huami (him) of Amit GTR is like, in which the round dial and the colourful watch strap will be too.

Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Mega The your official Be account on which shares, in which this matter has been disclosed.

Which shows us that the LG Watch color round display ranging coming, which is 1.39 inch diagonal and 454-fold 454 pixels resolutions with the will.

GSM Arena’s Monday report, according to the heart rate sensor, Accelerometer and Barometer in it, including all the stander fitness tracking feature to support will. It is believed to be that floating time also it used be.

LG Watch collar-silver, gold and black three colors will come in.

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