Xiaomi’s camera R&D center opens in Tampere


One of the leading smartphone manufacturers with the most affordable range of smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, televisions and more, Xiaomi recently opened its camera research and development center in Tampere.

But what’s so special about Tampere? Well, the city is famously known for its expertise in the camera department. Xiaomi in its quest to improvise its smartphone camera features took this step to open its own camera center. Moreover, the brand also registered two new companies under its name called Xiaomi Finland Oy and Xiaomi Technology Finland Oy, as reported by media houses.

The China-based tech company has been a favourite among numerous youngsters across various geography due to its affordability factor. Now, that the company is focusing on developing new camera technology, are the prices going to hike? Well, the camera has become an important aspect of any smartphone. With Xiaomi competitors bringing new technologies into their camera, Xiaomi has to up its game. Will we see some new models anytime soon? Fans of Xiaomi from across the globe would surely be excited.

When looking for experts in the camera department, no country possesses greater talent than the country of Finland. Xiaomi has always been “for” their customers i.e top features in the best budget have always been their priority. But with steps like these, is Xiaomi trying to enter the premium market? These and many such questions are waiting to be answered soon. In totality, we hope Xiaomi all the best in its new venture towards a better development for its brand. It is also good news for the city of Tampere as an organization like Xiaomi can provide numerous employment opportunities for the residents. Companies like NOKIA where among the first ones to establish their departments in this beautiful city.

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