Yealink T23G Phone Review

The Yealink T23G is absolutely my favorite phone for standard users. In this video, I go over some of the features of the Yealink T23G and take a quick look at the interface.

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  1. Hi Chris. I just ordered this phone due to my Polycom 430 (which I just received) being bricked. When it booted up the phone grabbed the config file and kicked out a config error 0x4020 and 0x4000 on a second boot. With no way to format the drive, and following the convoluted FTP server recommendations of Polycom's forum mod, I had to move on. Hopefully I can get a full refund from the company I ordered it from, but it still sucks. By the way, that experience REALLY makes me dislike Polycom phones. Don't even get me started on the web gui interface that refused to launch in Firefox and IE.

    One question I do have is did you provision the phone (in End Point Manager), or did you just manually configure it (didn't really show that since the phone was already running) prior to recording? For my business I don't really need EPM at this time (though it is a good investment from the way you've talked), is there anything I need to be aware of to set this phone up? Firewall rules (either Windows or FreePBX), port forwarding etc. Yeah I know this is an involved question, but being new to VoIP phones, I trust your experience.

    Enjoying the videos!

  2. Hey Chris. I am trying to use the T23G to communicate with two different sip servers with the same extension on both. The second registration always fails. Have you ever seen this? I've tried contacting yealink's support but have been disappointed thus far.

  3. Thanks for doing these videos Chris. In your FreePBX installations do you place the IP phones on a separate VLAN apart from the PCs? If so does the Endpoint manager configure the VLAN settings?


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